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What is happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness isn't always thunderous, uproarious, in-your-face, don't you get it don't you see how happy I am look at all the great things that I have here check my Facebook and then you'll know.

Sometimes it's just sitting in a chair holding someone's hand

Happiness is sometimes sadness too

Because the blue feelings help you know when you have something good 

Happiness is when a tiny sun sets fire to the sky and leaves a smile beneath your lids

It's when the flowers sway in the breeze and it smells briefly for a moment like that summer day with your nana

Picking tomatoes from a vine and putting them in a paper bag

Happiness is hearing a song that reminds you of a place that helped you feel happy one time

It's petting the fluff atop your dog's brow bone and just behind his ears

The wag of a tail

Hearing your name called in your favorite voice

A warm hug from an old friend you haven't seen since the last time 

And you talk like nothing's changed since the last time

And how you know it won't be for the last time

Happiness is sometimes sadness, too.

It is time passing through

Like waves of warmth from the earth's center

Sometimes happiness comes in waves.

Sometimes it falls short of happiness and we wonder what we did wrong

But happiness is funny sometimes

Like a friend that tells the same joke twice 

I search for happiness 

And though I've grasped it so many times

I forget what it looks like

And yearn for its warm embrace.

The Grotto

Still in the darkness of time, I

Let myself swim into the warm pools of your eyelids

Swallowed myself up in your smile

And curved through your veins so I

could feel you holding me.



Your poetry is foreign to me

Rocks and crumbs and sharp, daggered points

You don't make sense of sadness

In a way that makes me feel like you've felt

The grinding pestle against mortar skin

Bones poking through

Jagged teeth

And unhappy souls following you

Down dark paths with no end

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